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Q and A – Phillip and Alice on Life in Donvale

Moving into a new home is a big event, but moving during a pandemic is a whole other experience. Philip & Alice moved into their new townhome in the Donvale Residences in March 2020, just before the Covid lockdowns. They had lived in Donvale for many years and were downsizing from their five-bedroom family home.
Alice shares:
“Because we were downsizing, we sold our 5-bedroom family home and the timing wasn’t ideal – we actually had to move out six weeks before we were due to settle on our townhome. Oz Property Group were very understanding of our situation and let us move into our new home, basically rent-free, for that initial six-week period. We were so appreciative of this.”
So, what made Alice and her husband choose this townhouse?
 Alice explained that they chose Donvale Residences because “nothing compared” to other developments in the area. They love to garden, and the large courtyard allows them to continue this hobby without the hassle of maintaining a large property. Additionally, they were able to customize the home to suit their current and future needs, including installing a lift for long-term accessibility.
What customisations were made to the home?
The couple also made adjustments to the original floor plan to better suit their lifestyle.
“The townhouse was designed as a three-bedroom, but we were able to redesign the upstairs layout to suit our needs. We decided to create a larger master bedroom with a walk-in-robe, and a second bedroom for sleepovers with our grandkids.”
The adjustments made during the design stage made their home perfect for Philip and Alice, especially during the pandemic.
 “Covid really changed our lifestyles, and we spend a lot more time at home now – because we were able to add so much of our own touches, we have a greater appreciation of our space.”
When asked about the design of their townhouse, Philip and Alice shared that the exposed timber beams in the living room and the fluted glass splashback in the kitchen are standout features. The double sliding doors that lead out to their courtyard create a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor, which is perfect for entertaining. Last year, they hosted 24 guests in their home. Thanks to the well-circulated and designed floor plans, guests were able to comfortably gather in various areas of the house, such as the living area, dining table, kitchen island bench, and the sunny courtyard, without the space feeling crowded.
Alice and her husband have been thoroughly enjoying their time in the Donvale Residence. The house offers them an ideal space that caters to their downsizing, hosting, and everyday living requirements. The personalized customizations to their home seamlessly align with their lifestyle, allowing them to strike a harmonious balance between family, friends, and quality time together as a couple.
Photography by Fizz Agency.