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The Commons, Bangkok, Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year built: 2016
Architect: Department of Architecture Co.

Another multi level retail development in Bangkok? Yes, but this one’s different, located in Thong Lo district – the hipster part of this bustling city.

For a city blessed with warm weather throughout the year, there were surprisingly very few entertainment and retail spaces taking advantage of this, before The Commons came along.

Although a bold, out and out exposed concrete structure, the use of a fine metal mesh along the facade and metal detailing throughout provides a connection to the history of the district’s distinct, light industrial past.

The multi level void, running right through the middle of the development, creates an intriguing but well lit and ventilated outdoor space, far from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

The Commons was one of the first places where the grassroots architecture in Bangkok really kicked off. The development reminded me of something in Fitzroy or Brunswick but also Kew House with the ‘expanded metal’, which is quite nice and softens the exposed concrete. – Raghav Goel

Cover illustration by YukikoDraws for blueprint. All other images  courtesy @thecommonsthonglor