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Tower Hotel, Alphington, Melbourne, Australia

Location: 838-852 Heidelberg Road, Alphington, Melbourne
Year built: Built in 1891 – replacing an earlier hotel. Records indicate that hotels have been there since 1860.
Architect: Unknown

Located on both Heidelberg Rd and Old Heidelberg Road, The Tower Hotel appropriately provides a glimpse into the past. Way back to the 1860s in-fact, when it is believed to have begun operating.

The two-storey building is an example of Italianate style, with its ornate rendered facade, three-storey tower, asymmetrical composition and deep over-hanging eaves.

More than just of architectural significance, the Tower Hotel is an important historical sight for locals due to it’s longevity despite modern developments.

For non-locals it provides an elegant break for each passer-by with it’s delightful shifting contrast to the busy traffic of the modern life.

The hotel operated till around early 2000s and sadly as of June 2020 there are ongoing demolition works with only the facade being retained.

Although moves to convert the hotel to apartments have been met with opposition over the years, the future of the Tower Hotel still remains to be seen.

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When the light breaks through the clouds on an admirable (momentary) Melbourne day, it bounces off the white bricks and lights up the whole street. Covered in graffiti – a monument lost in time. – Carly Thomas