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Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

Location: Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru, India
Year built: 1983
Architect: B.V. Doshi

The Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore is a maze-like structure comprised of interlocking buildings, courtyards and galleries, with long corridors meandering across expansive lawns.

Inspired by Indian temples and cities, it was completed in 1983 and occupies over 100-acres of land in South Bangalore. Architect B.V. Doshi wanted to create an atmosphere of free-flowing learning, so there are no doors between classrooms and each courtyard and corridor is a “lesson in rhythm and composition”. Doshi himself refers to the complex as a “bazaar of education”, complete with squares, streets, steps, balconies, ledges and overhangs.

Admired around the world for its unique stone architecture and woodland surroundings, IIM-B is considered an excellent example of a sustainable and eco-friendly campus design. The primary stone used in its construction is locally-sourced granite.

About B.V. Doshi

An Indian architect, B.V. Doshi is considered a pioneer of modernist architecture in India. Having worked under Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier, Doshi became the first Indian architect to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Apart from his fame as an architect, Doshi is equally known as an educator and was instrumental in the establishment of the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation for Studies and Research in Environmental Design. As well as IIM-B, Doshi’s other notable works include the Centre for Environment and Planning Technology (CEPT), the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi and the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow.

See more of B.V. Doshi’s work here.

Photos by @shanal_shajahan, @gowdru_behind_lens & @vamshhi