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Airbnb and Hotels

The Accomodation Evolution

As public enemy number 1, Airbnb was once a dirty word in the hotel industry.

For a long time we pinned Airbnb and Hotels against each other in a fight for the market, but as episode 4 of blueprint discusses, there’s a place for both short stay and traditional accommodation within the growing needs of the modern traveller.

The Experts

Dougal Hollis is a veteran of the hotel industry and draws on his experience as far back as the nineties to explain the changes hotels have faced and what the future holds. He is currently general manager for Victoria at Tourism Accommodation Australia.

Timothy Yee is a prominent architect who has worked on both Airbnb’s and Hotels, and spends a lot of time traveling to hotels around the world studying the trends. Aside from his architectural practice TA Square, he runs several enterprises along with his own tiny house Airbnb venture in Melbourne.

Words by Scott Williams and Raghav Goel for blueprint

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