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Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, Australia

Location: Within The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Year built: 1958
Architect: Roy Grounds, Frederick Romberg and Robin Boyd
Style: Modernist

The Shine Dome was built to house the Australian Academy of Science in 1958. Designed by Roy Grounds, Romberg, and Boyd, it’s known as one of the most culturally significant buildings owned by the Academy of Science.

In 2000, the Shine Dome was completely remodelled, which was made possible through a $1 million donation from Academy Professor John Shine, in which the dome was then named after.

The building is hemispherical and is made of concrete, hosting primarily private functions and conferences. The Dome contains a central lecture theatre on the ground floor, surrounded by meeting rooms. Additionally, it includes upper gallery seating and a basement.

As the dome dives beneath the water of its moat, the structure tricks the observer into looking like it’s floating. From the walkway to the walls, the arches provide a panoramic view of Canberra and beyond. The structure was created during the visionary era of Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite.

A Canberra landmark since 1959, the Shine Dome posits custom-designed furniture for its interior, illustrating the innovative nature of science. The Shine Dome is the first structure in Canberra to be National Heritage listed.

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Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons & Victorian State Library