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Boyd Baker House, Bacchus Marsh, Melbourne, Australia

Location: Long Forest, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia
Year built: Between 1964 – 1966
Architect: Robin Boyd
Style: Modernist


The Boyd Baker House in Bacchus Marsh, Melbourne, Australia is considered one of the most important residential buildings in the post-war era. Commissioned as a family home for Dr Michael Baker, the modernist building is now used to house private functions.

The square-shaped house, surrounded by 12 stone cylinders, was built between 1964 and 1966 and designed by architect Robin Boyd. The building has remained predominantly untouched since its creation, and was listed on the Victorian Heritage Register in 2007.

Unique features of the house include fully glazed perimeter walls, a large schoolroom designed for Baker’s homeschooled children, and water tanks housed within several of the stone cylinders.

Boyd considered the Australian landscape’s unique conditions when designing Baker House. The construction features locally acquired stone, straw ceilings and bare concrete floors. These rustic, low-maintenance features reflect the rural nature of the surrounding Australian bushland.

Born from one of the most fascinating stories of site selection, the design incorporates strong geometric principles to the delight of anyone who enjoys symmetry. We were lucky to have found it on Airbnb and booked it straight away for an Easter weekend getaway many years ago, although I can still vividly recall the perfect proportions of the courtyard and the calmness of the bush surrounds. A true masterpiece that’s still super relevant today, luckily heritage listed and enhanced by a fabulous collection of rare art & furniture. – Raghav Goel

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